Atheist Church. Seriously. (Part 2.5) Atheists have Morals! (And So Do the Rest of Us)

**In response to a few reactions to my last post: “Atheist Church.  Seriously. (Part 2) Random, Meaningless Morals”**


I knew when I started this blog, I’d be writing things people disagree with, and I’m okay with that.  I adamantly believe people can (and should) respectfully disagree with ideas or beliefs without slandering, causing hostility, or passing judgment on people.  After all, if you claim that you see eye-to-eye with every view your friends hold, you either don’t know your friends very well or you don’t have any friends!

But the one thing I do not want to do with this blog is offend people.

(If you haven’t already, please read a short explanation about the purpose of this blog.)

Though I wrote that “stereotyping all atheists as immoral is wrong” and “one does not have to be a Christian to have [an] innate sense of morality” some people still found my article “Atheist Church.  Seriously. (Part 2) Random, Meaningless Morals” offensive and thought I was arguing that atheists can’t have morals.

I never said such a thing.

To be clear, I believe everyone has morals.  In my previous post, I attempted to show that everyone has an innate sense of morality, which I believe points towards a higher law, which in turn points towards a higher law-giver (aka God).  Since God created us all, we all have this innate sense of morality, whether we believe in God or not.

If we are just the product of random, mindless, naturalistic forces, then how can this innate sense of morals be explained?  Meaning and morals can’t come from meaninglessness.  If we only exist to pass on our genes, then all our motivations would be selfish.

But everyone (including atheists) do things that aren’t selfish.

Since people who don’t believe in God have this innate sense to be moral and to care for others, (even to care for those who don’t carry their genes) I believe this points towards the higher law of God.

Further, there ARE actual atheistic, naturalist philosophers who argue that morals don’t exist.  I know so many good people who are Christians, non-Christians, and atheists, I’m saying that what these atheistic, naturalist philosophers believe can’t be true.  Universal morals exist, and naturalism can’t explain this.

We all have morals, value, and meaning, and the only satisfying explanation for this, I believe, is the God described in the Bible.


I’ve enjoyed the interactions I’ve had so far about my  posts, and I’m anxious to hear your thoughts and continue the discussion below in the comments section…


3 thoughts on “Atheist Church. Seriously. (Part 2.5) Atheists have Morals! (And So Do the Rest of Us)

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