Homemade Christmas Comics! Merry Christmas!!

In college I drew comics and made a ‘zine (a homemade magazine before there was such a thing as blogs).  After college , I decided that instead of giving out Christmas cards, I’d draw an annual Christmas comic.  With the exception of last year, I’ve been doing it annually for just over 10 years now.  I’m not the best cartoonist, but people seem to enjoy them, so here are 3 years of comics.  I’ll post more and my new one for this year soon!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!


PS. Click on the comic to see it larger.  You might still have to zoom in on your computer to read them….


ChristmasComic2007 copy


ChristmasComic2008 copy


ChristmasComic2009 copy


4 thoughts on “Homemade Christmas Comics! Merry Christmas!!

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