Quick Responses to Bad Memes #2 (Ricky Gervais Version)

Welcome to “Quick Responses to Bad Memes #2” i.e. “the Ricky Gervais Version” i.e. “the meme + video version” i.e. “Don’t get your theology from a comedian #2.”

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In early February, Some people got excited that Ricky Gervais (atheist) and Stephen Colbert (Roman Catholic) had a short (very short) debate about the existence of God on Stephen’s show (Watch the clip here).

In my opinion, even a short debate on primetime TV about God is a good thing. But neither man really said much, and based on how atheists are sharing the clip (and applauding Gervais in the video), they seem to think Gervais won the “debate.” Though what Gervais said certainly sounded clever, he really didn’t say anything at all.

Feel free to use the following memes in reply to the primetime “debate”…



Sincerely, God From the Machine

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9 thoughts on “Quick Responses to Bad Memes #2 (Ricky Gervais Version)

  1. It’s funny how you get so upset because someone doesn’t believe in your fairy tale. Read your Bible. I bet you haven’t actually read it yourself. And read about the history of it. The God in the Bible is a psychopath. But you “cherry pick” the “nice” passages, and quotes from the Bible. While ignoring all of the nasty stuff. Most atheists know the Bible better than you do. In fact, for many of them, that is exactly the reason they are now atheists.

  2. Your logic is the one that is wrong. And what he is saying is going over your head. He’s saying that all of those thousands of gods were believed to be real by people that believed in them just as much as you believe in yours. So what is it that makes you think that YOU are right? There is ZERO proof of any god. Whether it be yours, or the thousands of others. Your comparison to a math problem does not work. That is something entirely different. A math problem has a correct answer, that can be proven to be true. It has nothing to do with faith. Faith is believing in something with no evidence.

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